FRAMELED™ Vanish 3.9/7.8

Introducing our transparent LED panel, designed to redefine your visual experience.

Elevate your visual experience with this high-quality LED panel. Whether it's for advertising, events or architectural design, our FRAMELED™ Vanish is the choice for those who demand the best.

FRAMELED™ Vanish 3.9/7.8

FRAMELED™ Vanish is designed to create new visual experiences.

We have developed a lightweight, yet strong cabinet (16kg/m2) for production and touring shows that allows outdoor rigging with bracing technology up to 16m.


Vanish aims to deliver stunning picture quality with its high brightness gold wire transparent design. Reaching up to 6000 nits (calibrated), Vanish performs really well in direct outdoor sunlight and stays perfectly hidden in indoor situations.


Weighing only 16kg per cabinet, Vanish is the perfect fit for large video screen setups. The lightweight cabinets allow for more creative setups in difficult venues where weight is a restraint.


The optional Vanish windbrace adds additional strength when setting up outdoors. Rig Vanish TUV Certified up to 16mH using the wind brace and additional horizontal braces.


All Vanish cabinets are equipped with the latest Novastar A10s Pro receiver cards. When paired with the flagship MX-series and controlled with new VMP software, an incredibly professional LED solution is realized, providing stunning image quality and an intuitive software experience.


The Vanish allows for stunning visual experiences by reaching 40% transparency or just utilize the Vanish for its wind breaking capabilities.


Unleash your creativity by curving Vanish from -15° convex to 15° concave, adding 2,5° of curvature on each step. By swapping out only parts of the frame the Vanish is also able to be built in 90° setups.


Transport Vanish using the functional and safe FRAMELED™ dollies. This custom design fits up to 12 square meters of Vanish allowing for swift and compact transport.

FRAMELED™ Vanish technical specs.

Vanish 3.9/7.8
Cabinet size 1000 x 1000 mm
Cabinet resolution 256 x 128
Driving IC MBI 5251
Scanrate / Scanlines 1/8
Weight / cabinet 16 kg
Receiver card Novastar A10s Pro
Refresh rate 3.840Hz
Brightness 2000/6000 nits
Transparency rate 40%
LED-type Nationstar 1921 black frame, white face - Gold Wire HB
Operation power voltage 100~240 Vac/50/60Hz
Max power W/sqm 550 W
Typical power W/sqm 155 W
Max power cascade connection 7 panels @230Vac
Max data cascade connection
8 bit 20 panels @ 60HZ
24 panels @ 50HZ
Max stack and hanging 16m outdoor with brace
Curve -15° / 0° / +15° (steps of 2,5°)
Maintenance back access
Certificates CE, EMC, TUV
LED versatility redefined.
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